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Cost-effective WordPress website design

A website is the perfect way to attract more customers and make your business known. Accessible by all, it is an online showcase of your products or services. Do you want to make yourself known to as many people as possible? You need a WordPress website. It is certainly a potential opportunity that will pay off for you.

Your website must be beautiful and in your image. But above all, it must be visible to your prospects or potential customers. That’s the problem with a lot of website builders, once the website is done, they consider the job done and they don’t tell you how to make it visible. Results? It disappears less than a year later, because nobody consults it. Sometimes even some sites never appear in the search results no matter what keyword you enter in the search engine.

Digital consultant and passionate about SEO, I will create a website that will reflect your image, but especially a website that will be visible and will allow you to attract more customers and boost your business.

From 1200$ HT

It contains:

Responsive design:

Today, almost 60% of Internet users are mobile. Thus, it is important that your site is on the mobile, tablet and PC. I will work on the design of your website to make it responsive design.

SEO optimization:

A beautiful website is useless if it is not visible. It is through 05 precise points that I work on the referencing of your website:

  • SEO configuration of the website: Google being the most used search engine today, the objective here is to make your website compatible with Google, so that it is quickly indexed in this search engine.
  • Long term SEO strategy : natural referencing being the key to a good visibility, I give you the necessary keys to work on your SEO on the long term.
  • Local SEO Optimization: Depending on your region, I optimize your WordPress website and your Google Business account for local visibility.
  • Keyword research (optional: $400 excl. tax): Keyword research lets you know what words your customers are typing into Google. This part is essential in SEO.
  • SEO optimization of the content (optional: starting at 300$ HT): Once the keywords are defined, I use it to work on the content of your website. Also, I work on all the important SEO criteria to allow your website to take off quickly.

Web site security:

It is becoming increasingly easy to hack a website today. In order to avoid being spammed, it is good to secure. I am in charge of: Setting up HTTPS and redirection with http version, Securing access to the backoffice, Fight against spam and robots.

Custom design:

Your website is totally personalized, looks like you and is unique to you.

  • RGPD compliance: It is now necessary to make every website compliant with this law. I am in charge of : Create a legal page
  • Create a privacy policy page
  • Bring your contact or order forms into compliance
  • Create an RGPD compliant cookie bar

Content writing (optional):

You will have already written the text content of your pages. It will be enough in this simply sent me to be integrated in the pages. In case you haven’t done so, no worries. A qualified partner can do this for you.

Simplified administration:

WordPress already offers a great advantage of an administration space for your site. So I’ll make it a little simpler for you to use quickly without any knowledge.

Training to use the site:

Well the site is finished and delivered, it is about using it. Then by online call, I explain you step by step how to be autonomous in the use of your site. The call is screen-shared and recorded so you can review the recording at your leisure.

Personalized coaching offered :

In addition to the training that consists in showing you how to use your website after delivery, I accompany you for 3 months to show you how to continue to optimize the visibility of your website through SEO techniques.

Tracking tools installed:

To make believe the visibility of its website, it is necessary to follow its performance. So I take care of the installation of the necessary tools for free:

  • Google Analytics: to track the performance of the site
  • Google Search Console: to monitor the SEO health of the website and improve the natural referencing

The Facebook tracking pixel (if necessary): it is only used if you want to run ads on Facebook

Optimization of the loading time:

Having a slow website is very bad for the user experience. This is also very bad for Google and SEO. I therefore improve this aspect on your website through: Image optimization, Caching of the site, Optimization of the site code.

Google My Business optimization (if needed) :

This free tool offered by Google is an additional traffic opportunity that should not be missed even if you already have traffic. I will set up and optimize your Google My Business account

Steps to create a website

Choosing a domain name and hosting

You choose a domain name according to your activity (project). And if you have an idea about the choice of a web hosting, you do it too otherwise you can always ask me for advice about it. I am available for you.

The choice of your design:

Your project and image is unique so having a design that is unique to you is the right thing to do. You are free to choose your design.

Content integration

The content you provide, or what our expert content writing partner does, is integrated into the unique design that reflects your image.

Optimization for natural referencing

Here, it is about setting up all the SEO techniques for a good visibility of your activity.

Training in the use of the backoffice

It is advisable to take a training course on the use of your website.

Long term strategy

Once the site is online, the job is not over, you have to set up a long term strategy for your website.

The different steps of creating a website from A to Z ?

First of all, I need to have as much information about the company as possible. Who are your customers? What is your story? Who are your competitors? All this information will allow me to analyze your market and establish a strategy:

  • The site menu
  • Important keywords
  • The colors to use
  • The architecture of each page

Now that I have laid the foundations of my project, I know what the menu of my website is and I know what to write in the pages. Now I have to integrate the content received by optimizing with the right keywords for maximum visibility. The visuals come from image banks unless the client provides them.

Once the site is finished, it will be a version A. Now, I need to have your feedback to adapt the site according to your desires. Modification of texts, photos, links…

I make sure to create the perfect final version for you. I will be sure to advise you on the important elements to convert your prospects into customers.

Once the site is finalized, we make an appointment for a screenshare call. I explain you how to use and manage your website yourself. The session is recorded on video so that you can review it if necessary.

If you don’t have the time to manage your site yourself, I offer you a monthly maintenance service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the site?

This is your website and I don't keep any access. I deliver your website with full access. Unlike those who keep the accesses to make you pay for each modification, I give you everything.

After the mission, is there any follow-up or maintenance?

Yes there is a follow-up after the mission because you are entitled. Generally the maintenance there is not much. But if you don't want to manage anything, then I can take care of everything with a monthly maintenance contract.

What is not included in the quote?

To start creating a website, there are three things you need to do and that you are responsible for. However, I can help you to get it.

  • One domain name per year
  • One accommodation per year
  • One premium theme per year for the license (I regularly offer a license for the year).

If you have all these elements already it is always a very good thing.

What type of site can I offer you?

There are several types of sites possible, here are the sites that I can realize :

  • Showcase websites
  • Multilingual websites
  • Blog
  • Sales tunnel
  • Association sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Marketplace
  • All other types of websites

Why did you decide to work with me?

Simply because I don’t just deliver a WordPress website personalized, fast, responsive and optimized for Google. It is a long term support to develop your website and your business. I give you advice on how to deploy your business online using webmarketing levers. This goes beyond the simple creation of a website.

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